Some Questions We Are Frequently Asked:


Q:  "Do you appraise collections?"

A:  Unfortunately, we do not appraise collections.  We are collectors with families and full-time careers.  While we have limited free time, we prefer to spend it finding new pieces to add to our collections.


Q:  "What is my item worth?"

A:  Due to subtle and sometimes rare variations, condition, completeness, and other variables it is extremely difficult to put a hard cash value on items until we see them in person.  While we will occasionally come to a deal virtually, being able to work together in person allows us to give you a better price for your item.  This is why we are able to pay more than reseller companies and toy dealers who have to consider the worst case scenario into their offer when they aren't able to inspect the item in person.


Q:  "Will you buy Beanie Babies?"

A:  Absolutely not.  We also do not buy Barbie, toy trucks or cars (except Hot Wheels from the late 60's and early 70's), trains, Funko Pops, or McDonald's Toys.  Sorry :-/