We Buy Star Wars Toys & Kenner Items

No collection is too large or valuable, and we are ALWAYS looking to add to our toy hoard.  While Star Wars is our focus, we are also interest in multiple toy lines from 1989 and older.  Please contact us if you have questions. Over 22 years collecting experience and top Cash Prices Paid.

EX-Kenner Employees Wanted!

We were born and raised in Cincinnati and believe in keeping the Kenner history HERE, in local collections.  Why ship rare and historical items out of Cincy, when they can stay here and be appreciated!

We Come To You!

Located in Cincinnati, we will drive to most areas of Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana to buy toys.  Don't blindly send your valuable collectibles to out of town buyers on good faith.  Work with us to get immediate payment with no hoops to jump through!

Quick, Top Cash Prices Paid

We are discreet, knowledgeable, and fair.  Even better, we pay in cash and can typically meet within 24 hours.

Call or text us directly at 513.500.4209

or Email [email protected]


Likely you've been contacted at least once over the past 20 years, often by "collectors" from out of town.  Well, hopefully you haven't sold all your good stuff to them!  Not only are we local, but we pay top cash prices and most items we purchase from ex-Kenner employees and subcontractors who worked with Kenner remain here in Cincinnati in our collection.  Please sell local, or at least give us the opportunity to match or beat anyone from outside Cincinnati!


Want to see some of the collections we've purchased?

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Reach out to us in order to schedule a meeting and receive an quick, hassle-free, in-person cash offer on your Star Wars Toys and Kenner Items Today.